Correcting Power Line Distortion in Commercial Buildings

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A commercial building is usually plagued with high levels of power distortion. Fluorescent lamps, SMPS in computers, AC to DC converters and laser printers are some of the equipment that contribute to power line distortion. This can cause erratic operation of other equipment and interference to sensitive devices like mobile phones and televisions. Power quality correction is very important to reduce the possible damage it can cause to your electrical system and your equipment.

Poor power quality can also cause motors in air conditioners or water pumps to work inefficiently. It can reflect some of the power back to the power line and causes severe electrical losses. It can also cause overheating in some equipment which may lead to failure. To correct this problem, engineers use 
power quality analyzers to visualize how distorted the power is. The THD, TIM, spikes and deviations are measured to allow them to calculate for the proper amount of power quality correction. Proper compensation ensures less power losses and more efficient operation of equipment.

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