Correcting Bad Power Quality to Increase Your Machinery’s Efficiency

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An industrial facility can lose a lot of money if their motor driven machinery does not operate at its peak efficiency. Low power quality can cause motors to heat up and waste power. It is essential to optimize the power supply in order to maximize the power used.

Most facilities do not notice the bad effects of poor power quality. Many think that their equipment is just getting old that’s why they overheat or fail. You can actually prolong the operating life of your equipment by ensuring that power quality is optimized. In order to determine the amount of distortion in your electrical mains, 
power quality analyzers are used. These tools are very important in determining how bad the power quality is for proper compensation of the power line. Capacitor or inductor banks are used to correct the problem and make equipment utilize the power efficiently. You’ll notice a big difference when the power quality problem is corrected in your facility. This saves you money on electrical bills and also repairs on equipment.

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