Correct Power Quality Issues with the Help of the Dranetz PX5 3-Phase Analyzer

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Non-linear loads like rectifiers and switched-mode power supplies cause the deterioration of power quality. These loads cause distortion of the power waveform which results in generation of harmonics. When the electrical system is plagued with harmonics, electrical equipment can malfunction or deteriorate prematurely. It is important to suppress the distortion to avoid serious problems in the future. 

Power quality analyzers help engineers assess power quality in the electrical system. These devices also measure the efficiency of the facility. One of the devices you might want to check out is theDranetz PX5 Analyzer. This tester is a 3-phase analyzer that has eight-channel inputs and a sampling rate of 256 samples per cycle. Some of the feature include:

  •        Independent current and voltage triggering and cross triggering
  •        High-speed data capture at 1 microsecond per channel
  •        Can give you a detailed characterization of power events
  •        Measures THD and TID up to the 63rd harmonic
  •        Dual power option: Mains or batteries
  •        Up to 128 MB expanded memory
  •        Has the ability to capture IEEE 1459 power parameters
  •        Can be used for AC or DC applications
  •        Has an easy to use touch screen interface

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