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Convenient Transformer Testing with The Doble M5200 Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer

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A sweep frequency measurement allows you to determine the condition of a transformer without the need of removing it from its container tank. It works by sending an excitation test voltage to the transformer and measuring the signals bounced back through a wide frequency spectrum. This allows you to compare the results with baseline data and detect internal faults.

One of the most popular testers available on the market is the Doble M5200 Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer. This diagnostic tool helps find winding deformation, short circuits, core movement, faulty grounds and more. It has a voltage output of 20 Volts peak-to-peak at 50 ohms output impedance. It features a wide frequency bandwidth of 10 Hertz up to 25 MegaHertz with an accuracy of ± 1 dB to -80 dB which is more than enough to find most transformer problems. It is made from durable materials to guarantee that it will serve you for years.

The Doble M5200 sweep frequency response analyzer is a valuable tool for engineers used in transformer maintenance. This diagnostic tool is available for rent from Protec. We also offer other test equipment like the Doble relay test set, AC hipot and more. Contact us today for a list of available Doble test equipment for rent.