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Convenient Relay Diagnostics with the ISA T-1000 Secondary Injection Test Set

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Substations and industrial facilities often have several relay types installed. Running diagnostic tests on them can take too much time and effort especially if your tester can only handle specific types. Diagnostics would be easier if you had a tool that has the capability to test all relay types. If you are looking for a tool that offers convenient relay testing, you might be interested in the ISA T-1000.

The ISA T-1000 
secondary injection test set has fully configurable test settings that allow you to test different relay types found in industrial facilities. It features an auxiliary variable DC output from 10 Volts up to 240 Volts and also has the ability to measure currents and voltages. It has an internal memory for storing test settings and also test results. You can connect the T-1000 relay test set to a computer through USB or RS232 and transfer settings or test results. This also enhances its testing capabilities and simplifies analysis of test results.

If you are planning to get the ISA T-1000, consider renting one first from Protec Equipment Resources. This lets you make sure that it fulfills your needs. Contact an equipment specialist today and request for a quote.