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Convenient Ground Resistance Measurements with the AEMC 3731 Clamp-On Ground Resistance Meter

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Most ground resistance meters on the market require the operator to use ground stakes to make measurements. This can take too much time and effort. If you want quick ground resistance measurements, you might be interested in the AEMC 3731 clamp-on ground resistance meter.

The AEMC 3731 clamp-on ground resistance meter makes measurements easy because you do not need auxiliary probes, stakes, test leads or other 
electrical test equipment. Just clamp it to the earth connection and it returns the results in a few seconds. It allows direct reading of ground resistance from 0.1 Ohm up to 1200 Ohms. Its clamp has a smooth design for easy removal of dirt. It also has a smart power management system that extends battery life and lets you conduct up to 1000 tests. You can store up to 99 diagnostic results in its internal memory for later retrieval. You also don’t need to worry about ambient EMI usually found in substations because it has a special circuitry that rejects EMI that might affect the readings. 

The AEMC 3731 is available for lease from Protec Equipment Resources. You also choose from our large collection of test equipment from notable equipment brands. Contact us today to get the best test equipment rental deals.