Convenient CT Testing with the CTER-91 from Megger Test Equipment

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Current transformers are often used to convert high currents to a lower one which is safe enough for measuring instruments or protective devices to use. It is also used in monitoring the power facility during operation. It is important to keep them in good working condition because this can cause inaccurate measurements or sometimes damage the electrical facility.

Faulty current transformers can contribute to the power losses of the electrical facility. Conducting regular maintenance checks ensure continuous and proper operation. Megger test equipment is one of the manufacturers that offers current transformer testers. One of its popular models commonly used in industrial facilities is the CTER-91. This tester is very efficient because it allows you to test for ratio, polarity and saturation tests on single and muti-ratio CTs without the need to switch test leads. It is also convenient because you can test transformers even if they are still mounted in switch gears and bushings. It is designed to provide an output power of 600 volts at 2 Amperes. This makes it sufficient for most current transformers available.

 offers the Megger CTER-91 CT tester for rent. We also offer various test equipment like DLRO and  earth testers to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about the affordable equipment rentals we offer.