Convenient Circuit Breaker Testing with the GE TVRMS2 Secondary Injection Test Set

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Secondary injection testing is a safe method of testing circuit breakers compared to primary injection because the protective device is taken out of the main circuit during testing. The protective device doesn’t need to interrupt the main power line every time its contacts open. This prevents the bad effects of inductive kickbacks induced by the collapsing magnetic field of the solenoid.

If circuit breakers become defective, they can put your electrical system at risk of fire or damage. This can causes loss of assets and unexpected expenses on repairs. If you want to prevent the hassles of faulty protection systems, you should consider investing in a secondary injection tester. There are several models available on the market. One example is the GE TVRMS2 
secondary injection test set. It has backward compatibility which allows it to test devices like MicorVersaTrip PM trip modules, MicroVersaTrip Plus and RMS-9/EPIC units. It features a no-trip and trip testing for time over-current values which allows testing of devices without the need of de-energizing it.

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