Consider the Adwel HVA40-10 if You Are Looking for a Good AC Hipot

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Insulation of electrical components is tested for reliability by emulating the operating and over voltage conditions of the test sample. The tested component is disconnected from the main circuit or deenergized to prevent damage or the electrical system in case the tested part is defective.

If you are thinking of getting an AC high potential tester, you might want to consider checking out the Adwel HVA40-10 
AC hipot test set. This test set is specially designed for testing vacuum interrupters in line with the ANSI/IEEE C37.60 and C37.61 specifications. It can also be used to test other components like bushings, cables, transformers and motors and. It has a variable test voltage of 40 kiloVolts at 10 milliAmperes. It has a set of safety features like flash over protection, dead man safety switch and zero start interlocks to protect the user from harm. If you want to evaluate its features without spending that much, consider test equipment rental. This lets you try it out first-hand and determine if it suits you.

Protec Equipment Resources offers the Adwel HVA40-10 for rent. We also sell test equipment from Metrel, Megger, GE and more. Contact us today and let an equipment expert assist you with your needs.