Consider Secondary Injection Test Set for Your Breaker Testing

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Taking care of circuit breakers and relays is a must when dealing with sophisticated electrical systems. The secondary injection test set is a key element in any diagnostic and maintenance program as it determines whether breakers are functioning correctly or need service.

We carry many fine secondary injection test kits from reputable manufacturers, and most companies will want to consider including these instruments as part of their necessary 
test and measurement equipment inventory. Our models include:

Merlin Gerin 685836A –  simplifies the process of flexible testing of ST and CM trip systems.

Siemens PTS3 – portable testing set designed especially for type LA circuit breakers including static trip, static trip II and LimiTrip models.

Square D UTS3 – a universal testing kit for MicroLogic UTS-3 trip systems.

Cutler Hammer 7801C57 – hand held portable unit made for testing Digitrip OPTIM systems.

ABB 505 – this secondary injection tester is suitable for type LSS solid state trip devices.

Whether insulation test, circuit breaker or power analysis, we have the model you need ready and available for short or long term rental. Our friendly support staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you select the best equipment for your project needs. Give us a call at (866) 352-5550 today to learn more.