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Consider Investing in Optical Cable Fault Locator to Ensure Continuous Service

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GPON or gigabit passive optical networks carry very high data rates. A damaged fiber can cause serious deterioration of the signal which can lead to slow connections or it can even shutdown the network. These networks are often buried underground and are several kilometers long. It is important to keep these facilities well maintained to avoid unnecessary interruptions and revenue loss.

Optical fibers have several advantages over copper cables in transmitting data. They are immune to EMI, ground loops, crosstalk, have wider bandwidth, are less bulky and do not carry dangerous currents. Many telecommunications companies prefer optic fibers because these allow them to carry large amounts of data. Keeping them well maintained is very important because the fibers tend to become opaque after a while. This degradation process is also accelerated if the cables are exposed to UV rays or corrosive chemicals. When the cables become opaque, the transmitted light becomes weak resulting in data corruption and slow downs. You should consider investing in cable test equipment like light sources, light meters and OTDRs. These tools let you test your fibers regularly and determine if they already need to be replaced.

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