Consider Getting Megger Test Equipment for Effective Electrical Diagnostics and Maintenance

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Electrical systems should be assessed regularly for defects that might cause problems. Catching problems early allows you to save time, money and effort in repairing the faults. You should consider investing in test equipment that is reliable. Megger is one of the reliable manufacturers of high quality test equipment. Megger’s tools are also designed to be durable and serve you for a long time. This lets you get the most out of your investment. 

Here are some articles about the different tools Megger offers:

Test Breakdown Voltage of Dielectric Oils with the Megger OTS60SX talks about a high voltage tester used in dielectric oils. This tester lets you evaluate the reliability of insulating oils usually found in transformers, capacitors and circuit breakers.

The Megger CB-100 Offers Low Voltage Power Factor and Capacitance Measurements
 discusses the capabilities of the CB-100. This tool lets you conduct tests accurately even in high EMI environments like substations.

The Megger SR-98 Relay Tester Allows You to Test Various Protective Relays Accurately explains the capability of the SR-98 to test different circuit breakers and protective relays. Whether they are electromechanical, solid state or microprocessor based, this tool can effectively test them.

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