Consider Getting a PX5 Power Quality Analyzer from Dranetz Power Measuring Equipment

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Poor power quality affects the overall performance of power lines and equipment connected to it. Three phase and single-phase power systems require regular power quality analysis phase imbalances, distortion and voltage variations can decrease the utilization of power resulting in power losses.

High electric bills caused by electrical losses can significantly impact your operational budget. Improving the efficiency of your electrical system will not only reduce your electric bills but will also prolong the life of your equipment. To help analyze power distortion in your facility, you should get a power quality analysis tester. Dranetz power quality analyzers are some of the leading equipment used in power quality analysis. One good model is the PX5 which features 8 channels for both voltage and current. It also has the capability to analyze poly phase power lines as well as single phase lines. Its high sampling rate of 256 samples/cycle ensures high resolution analysis. Its LCD touch screen doubles as an interface panel which reduces button clutter.

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