Confirm the Integrity of Isolated Power Systems with the Bender LT3000

Bender_LT-3000The line isolation monitor is a critical component of an isolated power system. The line isolation monitor continuously monitors the isolated power system’s impedance from all conductors to ground. Impedance includes both resistive and capacitive readings. This value is then used to calculate the Total Hazard Current (THC), which dictates what current could flow if a patient were to come in contact with a conductor to ground. The THC reading provides advanced warning of issues that are present in the system.

The Bender LT3000 Line Isolation Monitor (LIM) and GFCI Tester plugs into any wall outlet up to 240 V, 50 or 60 Hz. A simple pretest confirms the integrity of the isolated power system and ensures that the system is properly grounded.

Simply plug the Bender LT3000 Line Isolation Monitor (LIM) and GFCI Tester into any wall outlet up to 240V, 50 or 60Hz. Run a simple pretest to confirm the integrity of the isolated system and to give assurance that the system is properly grounded. The LCD meter normally displays system voltage. In the LIM/GFCI test mode, adjust the current until it reads 2, 5, or 6 mA on the LCD display. Alternately push L1 and L2 to confirm that the LIM or GFCI is working correctly

Bender LT3000 Line Isolation Monitor (LIM) and GFCI Tester technical data:

System ratings

Rated system voltage 100 – 240 VAC

Rated system frequency 50 – 60 Hz

Response values

Current set range (potentiometer) at 120 VAC 1.10 – 9 mA

Current set range (potentiometer) at 240 VAC 1.75 – 9 mA

Current magnitude required to activate HAZARD LEDs 2 or 5 mA internally, set at factory


Seven-segment display 3 digits, 0.5″ size

Display resolution 0.01 mA / 1 V

Current accuracy 2% of reading =/- 0.03 mA

Voltage accuracy 2% of reading =/- 3 V

Plugs and accessories

Plug type Hospital grade, 2-pole, 3-wire, 15 A, 125V, straight-blade

Carrying case dimensions 17″W x 12″H x 3.75″D

Adapter accessories Hospital grade, 2-pole, 3-wire, 20 A, 125V, twist-to-lock

General data

Operational temperature range – 5 oC to + 50 oC

Power consumption at 120 VAC 1 W

Power consumption at 240 VAC 2 W

Operation at 120 VAC Continuous

Operation at voltages ≥ 208 VAC 15 minute intervals

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