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Conducting Regular Power Factor Test to Save You Money on Repair Costs

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One of the most common causes of electrical failures is faulty insulation. There are insulation defects not visible during visual inspection. Power factor testing is a method often conducted to determine the reliability of insulators. This test measures the ratio of capacitive to resistive currents in the insulator. The smaller the power factor, the better the insulator. 

The Power factor test is commonly conducted on bushings, switch gears, cables, lightning arrestors, motors and dielectric oils. An ideal insulator should not allow any leakage or resistive currents to flow. Resistive currents often form when there is weak insulation like those found in open insulators or when there are contaminants. The electrical component’s insulation may be deteriorating but the part is still operating. Regular testing lets you spot problems that are starting and lets you recondition the part instead of replacing it. This insulation test allows you to detect problems without visual inspection of the internal parts of the electrical component. This helps reduce maintenance cost and electrical system downtime.

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