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Conducting a Stress Test on Insulators with the PFT-301 AC Hipot

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An AC hipot test determines bad spots in insulations of electrical components by injecting a voltage higher than the rating of the device and holds it for a certain duration. A good insulator will hold a test voltage 2-3 times higher than its rating while a bad insulator will cause a rise in leakage current and cause the insulation to breakdown.

The High Voltage PFT-301CM AC hipot is a compact and reliable tester that has a variable output voltage of up to 30 kilo Volts. It features an external safety interlock, zero start safety interlock, guard return mode, high voltage on/off button, main power buttons and a meter with a glass window to prevent the build up of static electricity. . It has a built-in Kilo Voltmeter ranging from 0-30 kilo Volts and a current meter with a range of 0-40 milli amperes AC. This tester is ideal for testing overhead devices, interrupters, vacuum bottles, motorized vacuum bottles, motors and other electrical components

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