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Conduct Integrity Testing on Relays and Complete Protection Schemes with the with the F2253 Single Phase Doble Relay Test Set

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The F2250 Series of Power System Simulators is a popular line of Doble testers that allow you to recreate the logic and phasor signals to check the protection-scheme response. You can carry out transient simulation, dynamic-state and steady-state tests on relays and relay schemes. They provide multiple sources for AC and DC operation.

One of the popular models of the F2250 Series is the Doble F2253 Single Phase Relay Test Set. It has a low distortion output sine wave with a THD of only 0.2% at 50/60 Hertz. The range depends on the selected frequency of the simulator. It also allows variable voltage, phase angle and current at various ramp rates. Some of the other features are:

  •        Frequency range of 0.1 Hertz to 10 KiloHertz
  •        2 Sets of isolated logic inputs and outputs
  •        Voltage sensing terminal for AC or DC
  •        Multi-mode digital timer with an accuracy of ±0.0005%
  •        10 μs resolution
  •        RS232 interface for PC connectivity
  •        100 KΩ input impedance
  •        1.5 Volts nominal threshold
  •        Molded, durable and flame-retardant enclosure

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