Conduct Acceptance Testing with the Raytech TR-SPY Mark III

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Raytech_TR-SPY_Mark_IIIRecognized as one of the most advanced Three Phase Transformer Ratiometer on the market today, the Raytech TR-SPY Mark III Three Phase TTR (Transformer Turns Ratio) is used in routine maintenance and acceptance testing and for investigating the core, windings, and tap changer settings of transformers for common problems, such as:  

  • Shorted turns & turn errors
  • Defective or incorrect tap settings
  • Mislabeled terminals & nameplates
  • Degradation of performance due to aging

A rugged, lightweight instrument that automatically measures Turns Ratio, Voltage Ratio, Excitation Current, Phase Relationship, and Phase Displacement, the Raytech TR-SPY Mark III is a fully automatic instrument that can perform precision laboratory measurements, as well as function extremely well in the field for routine maintenance testing.

The Raytech TR-SPY Mark III only requires a single hook-up to the transformer to run a complete series of tests, as all connections of various transformer configurations are accomplished internally.

Charts or calculations for testing are not required and the Raytech TR-SPY Mark III can test more combinations of transformer configurations than any other system making it the most versatile, and easiest to use.

The Raytech TR-SPY Mark III tests one of the widest ratio ranges available (0.8 – 13,000) and has the highest accuracy of any Automatic Three Phase Ratiometer (0.15%) available.

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