Comprehensive Power Quality Analysis with the Fluke 435 Analyzer

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Fluke is known for its advanced and portable test instruments. One good example of a reliable tester is the Fluke 435 power quality analyzer. This tool is portable and durable compared to other instruments. This makes it ideal for field and industrial power quality analysis.

The 435 
Fluke power quality analyzer is a handheld device that allows you to measure voltage, current, frequency, harmonics, dips, swells, power and energy in three phase or even single phase electrical systems. It offers 10 measuring modes and has the ability to measure three phases on each channel at 200 Ks/s. Its large and clear back-lit LCD screen makes reading of test results easy. You can also use the cursors and zoom function to help you analyze the power quality trends. After power quality measurements, you have the option to store the test results in its internal memory for future retrieval. 

The Fluke 435 power quality analyzer is available for lease from 
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