Comprehensive Circuit Breaker Test Sets and Timers

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Circuit breaker test sets provide comprehensive, high voltage testing to make sure that the breakers are able to handle large currents as they pass through. When a circuit breaker is functioning properly, it will break the current circuit when a possible overload might cause wire, cable or equipment damage because of too much current.

Regular testing using circuit breaker testing sets ensures that the breakers are still able to handle their load. Without a regimen of diagnostic and preventative testing, the possibility that critical issues can arise in equipment operation increases. This test equipment can find weaknesses in electrical apparatus to help prevent costly breakdowns and down time that result from faulty equipment.

Circuit breaker test sets are usually used in conjunction with a circuit breaker timer to provide a complete diagnostic analysis of the state of the circuit breaker system. The timer simulates potential conditions of overload and then measures different modes including velocity, stroke and contact times.

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