Complete Power Recording with the Fluke 1750

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Fluke 1750 Power Quality AnalyzerThe Fluke 1750 Power Recorder is a comprehensive yet easy to use system for power quality investigations. The Fluke 1750 Power Recorder, referred to by some as “the Recorder or the Product,” consists of a power recorder instrument, a wireless handheld Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) for control and setup, and a powerful yet easy to use PC application, Power Analyze.  A wide range of flexible and clamp-on current probes are also available from Fluke.

Key features of the Fluke 1750 Power Recorder are:

–        No PC needed for setup

–        Simplified test lead connections to the power network

–        Connection diagrams appear on the handheld PDA controller

–        Internal Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) 

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