Complete Diagnostic Solutions – Protec and Doble Make the Difference

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Since 1920, Doble Engineering Company has pioneered dependable diagnostic solutions for electric power apparatus. From the beginning, Frank Doble recognized the value of collecting and archiving apparatus test results and sharing lessons learned and best practices within the industry.

A world leader in diagnostic test instruments, Doble’s decades of unsurpassed cumulative knowledge and field testing experience have enabled them to develop diagnostic test instruments that accurately assess electrical apparatus condition. Engineered to perform consistently despite rough handling in transport and under adverse conditions, Doble instruments are legendary for reliability in the field.

Protec Equipment Resources and Doble are helping you make informed decisions, to ensure reliable electric power and prevent costly and dangerous failures.

Doble F6150 Relay Testing System


Doble F6150

The Doble F6150 is the only instrument with the high power, flexibility, and sophisticated software to run full simulation tests on your relays and protection schemes.


Doble M4000

Doble M4000 Power Analysis


The Doble M4000 provides you with the most informed interpretation of test results, and is the test system with the highest accuracy, reliable test results, and intelligent diagnostics.



Doble M5400 Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer

Doble M5400

The Doble M5400 is the most effective diagnostic tool on the market for detecting mechanical problems in power transformers.


Whatever your electrical testing equipment rental needs might be, one day or several months, Protec is here to help you complete the project, on time and within budget.