Complete Circuit Breaker Response Analysis with the Vanguard DIGITMR Circuit Breaker Timer

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The response time of circuit breakers is very important because the line between saving your electrical system and blowing it up is just a split second away. You should be scheduling regular preventive maintenance to ensure your circuit breakers are within their normal ratings.

To test the response time of circuit breakers, check out the Vanguard DIGITMR 
circuit breaker timer. It is a microprocessor controller analyzer that can measure contact motion, contact time, velocity, stroke, contact wipe and over-travel. It also has a VIC-DigiTMR timing window that allows you to select 1 second, 10 second and 20 second periods. The Vanguard DIGITMR has an internal storage memory that can store 45 breaker test plans. The test results can be transferred to a computer for enhanced analysis or printed using its built-in thermal printer. It features isolated power supplies that are fused for added electrical safety. The inputs are also grounded until the test starts to ensure accurate results.

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