Comparing AC and DC Hipot Testing

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Because safety is of the utmost importance when working on electrical equipment, testing must be performed to ensure that systems are functioning correctly and have not sustained any damage during use. AC and DC hipot testing is the typical method used to determine insulation quality on electrical apparatus, which in turn, can provide information as to whether systems are operating efficiently or are subject to power failures and shut downs.

AC hipot tests are conducted using special testers that measure leakage currents with high voltage. Because cables act as capacitors, leakage readings are effective in determining the current flow.  DC hipot testing, on the other hand, measures cable insulation resistance with high voltage current. If there is a rise in the current, then this reading indicates the insulation is weak and faulty. Some engineers and technicians choose not to use DC hipot tests as they can sometimes damage older cables while testing. Therefore, the recommended use for DC hipot testing is on new cables rather than old ones.

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