Compact yet Powerful VLF Hipot Testing with the HVA30

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Like most technicians you probably want to have testing equipment strong enough to test cables without causing weakness or failure while at the same time not having to cart around two or three pieces of heavy machines to get the job done. With the HV Diagnostics HVA30 four in 1 universal high voltage test system, you’ll have all the testing capability of four machines in one compact and light weight testing instrument.

HVA30 allows for testing of a variety of cables, capacitors, switchgear, transformers, rotating machines, insulators and bushings. It is simply a full application unit designed to provide superiorVLF Hipot testing where DC testing is either not recommended or eliminated altogether.

Operators will appreciate the ability to conduct manual or fully automatic sequencing so that testing is performed without needing to remember testing parameters. This allows for correct testing without stressing cable systems.

Test results are stored right in the unit with real time display of output wave forms, and all results are transferable to computer storage for easy filing. Because there are no arcing or oil contacts, the unit is low maintenance as well. Couple easy maintenance with its rugged exterior and high power to weight ratio, and you’ll enjoy using one of the most advanced high voltage testing systems on the market today.