Common Uses of a DLRO

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A good way to find internal faults in welded metals is by using a digital low resistance Ohmmeter. It detects faults by measuring the resistance of the welded junction. Corrosion or weak joints will change its baseline resistance. This testing method helps prevent accidents caused by weakened joints in metal structures.

Another application for the digital low resistance ohmmeter is detecting changes in terminal connections, bus bars, relay and circuit breaker contacts. Degradation will increase the resistance of these devices and cause significant power losses due to impaired conductivity. You should consider having  a DLRO as a part of your maintenance test equipment for your electrical facility. Megger test equipment has a reliable line of DLROs widely used in field and substation equipment testing. Their accuracy and great features has earned the trust of many engineers and technicians in several states. One good model is the Megger DLRO 247001. This tester has an output of 10 Amperes making it ideal for most low resistance measurements.

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