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Common Sense Testing Backed with Common Sense Support

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Along with common sense testing and testing solutions there must also be common sense customer support.  At Protec Equipment Resources we take our responsibility of providing the best testing solutions and support very serious.  We understand that our clients do not keep banker’s hours and therefore our technical support call-in is 24/7.

The other night I am watching my daughter’s ballet practice when my cell phone goes off (don’t worry the phone was on vibrate and not one dancer was disturbed).  I politely excuse myself to the hallway to take the call.  It turns out to be one of our test equipment vendors conferenced in with a field service engineer who is on job site in panic.  Apparently he had just spent 5 hours conducting a battery capacity test for five hours and was in fear that during the data download to his computer the data was lost.  Wow, imagine after five hours of testing having no evidence of the results or report to furnish your customer!
We walked the engineer step-by-step from the load tester to the computer software program to see what happened to the data file.  Fortunately, the file was found but was unable to be opened on the field engineer’s computer.  No problem, we instructed the field engineer to email us the data and we would open it, develop the report and send it back as an Adobe PDF file.  Well you can imagine how happy this made our field engineer!

After the customer and our vendor was taken care of and provided the needed technical experience needed to solve the problem I learned that the field engineer didn’t even rent the load tester from Protec.  My vendor apologized for calling me, but he explained that he knew that I would have my phone on and would answer at the late hour.  He also knew that I would never turn away a field engineer in need.  My vendor was right … common sense customer support comes first.  In the future my new field engineer friend will think of Protec first …