Common Equipment Used in Detecting Cable Problems

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When a cable starts to fail, it can cause safety problems like short circuits and shock hazards. Maintenance personnel should test cables regularly for defects using the right test equipment. Small defects can be easily overlooked during a visual inspection of the cable.

Here are some of the common 
high voltage test equipment used to spot defects on cables and address them before they get worse. 

  •        The AC hipot offers the simplest test because it overloads the cable and checks if it can withstand it. Bad cables are destroyed during the test and are discarded.
  •        Insulation resistance testers measures the resistance of an insulator. Good insulators should have a very high resistance. Contaminants can lower their resistance and make them less effective in isolating the conductor. 
  •        The TDR offers more accurate information on the exact location of the cable defect. It works by sending a pulse and timing the reflected pulse received. The tester automatically calculates the distance of the defect encountered using this information.

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