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Common Causes of Bad Insulation

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Insulators are used to isolate conductors to prevent short circuits. Bad insulation can lead to a lot of problems and expensive repairs. To prevent problems, it’s best to know the common causes of bad insulation so you can prevent them from occuring. 

Any kind of compression on the wire due to clamps, ties or wrapping of bare wires for soldered connection can damage the wire and afffect insulation. Damages due to heat like shrinking or soldering and splicing may all lead to bad insulation. Arcing and leakage between insulation layers are also common causes of  problems. 

As they say, preventing a problem is always better than trying to find ways to solve one. Bad insulation can easily be prevented through regular testing and inspection. You can do this by renting appropriate equipment from Protec

S1-1052/2 High Current Insulation Resistance Tester from Megger test equipment is one of the many equipment you can use to conduct regular monitoring of your cables. You can conveniently use this tool in different types of environment as you have the option to plug it in or use batteries. Reading results is also easy with its backlit display on digital and analogue format. 

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