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Committed to Educating Our Clients about Electrical Test Equipment

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Protec Equipment Resources is more than just a supplier of electrical test equipment.  We also want to educate our clients about issues that affect business and projects. With that commitment in mind, we’ve developed a Protec Webinar Series that offers educational learning moments from experts in the industry.

Here’s an overview of the latest videos available on our site. We encourage you to take advantage of this exciting offering to learn more about issues that will benefit your company.

MV Cables Offline Partial Discharge Testing – HV Diagnostics resident expert Craig Goodwin shared information in a webinar in late August about partial discharge, cable detection and testing. (VIDEO LINK:

Maintenance and Testing of Batteries – hosted by our in house Director of Operations & Tech Support, Thomas Sandri. This informative webinar in July details everything you ever wanted to know about batteries.

Location Techniques for Cable Faults – also hosted by Thomas Sandri in May, this video discusses the challenges of cable fault location.

Stay tuned for more in our monthly webinar series dedicated to providing you with valuable information for operation of your electrical test and measurement equipment. If you need assistance with our current inventory, don’t hesitate to give us a call at our 24 hour, 7 day a week support hotline:  866.352.5550.