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Circuit Breaker Timer from Vanguard Test CT-6500

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By using the right testing equipment to analyze and validate circuit breakers, you can save your electrical equipment from potential damage along with the economic repercussions that come from equipment failure, repair down time and potential worker injury. 

circuit breaker timer CT-6500 from Vanguard test provides complete analysis of circuit breakers by testing contact times, strokes and velocity as well as contact wipe and over travel with contact operational test methods using various open close series. This testing unit also allows for simultaneous monitoring of all breaker poles along with up to 7000 ohms. 

With onboard data storage of up to 200 testing records as well as a thermal printer for on demand printing, the CT-6500 provides all the data needed for instant results or future analysis of testing data over time. A multi system computer interfacing allows users to control the unit by computer using a USB port or RS-232C. 

Additional provided software for Windows XP or Vista allows for accurate analysis and timing of circuit breakers by computer along with exporting results to Excel format.

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