Circuit Breaker Timer for Rent or Purchase

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The circuit breaker timer analyzes and monitors various breaker conditions to ensure that proper contact is being made and that the circuit breaker is responding timely. This measurement evaluates the travel time it takes from the second the breaker coil receives power to when the contact is opened or closed.

We offer four different models of circuit breaker timers for safe testing performance:

Doble TR-3100 – this Doble test unit performs timing tests to measure contact performance on switches as well as main and auxiliary contacts. 

Vanguard Test CT-6500 – this timer analyzes contact time and stroke along with wipe and over travel testing using Windows software for XP or Vista to export results for analysis and monitoring.

Vanguard CT-6500-6 Channel Circuit Breaker Analyzer and Timer – this unit is the same as the CT-6500 but with 6 channels including three transducers for velocity, stroke, travel and bounce back measurements. 

Vanguard DIGITMR – this digital timer provides an onboard printer for printing of test results along with computer interfacing for controlling unit. 

Rent these circuit breaker timers along with other testing and measurement equipment using our short or long term rental program. We also offer lease and purchase plans as well. Give us a call to learn more 866.352.5550 or submit your inquiry online.