Circuit Breaker Timer: An Electrical Test Equipment Add On

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A circuit breaker timer is a device that is mostly used in conjunction with other circuit breaker test sets for diagnostic analysis of the circuit breakers. The circuit breaker timer is used as a simulation device to imitate the conditions of overload to measure different parameters or modes which include stroke, velocity, and contact times.

Circuit breaker test equipment is used for comprehensive and accurate testing which makes sure that the breakers function properly when exposed to a high magnitude of current passing through the circuit. Circuit breakers perform the task of breaking the current circuit in case of current overload. If the circuit breaker doesn’t perform properly, the high current may damage one cable, whole wiring, or the entire device. This calls for preventive measure in the form of regular testing of circuit breakers.

Secondary injection test kit is another piece of electrical test equipment that helps in testing the health of circuit breakers but doesn’t involve passage of large currents. Rather, low voltages are used for this purpose. No matter what the mode of testing is, it is necessary to carry out preventive testing and diagnosis of circuit breakers to ensure absence of critical issues and the nagging fear of expensive electrical device failure.