Circuit Breaker Test Systems from Doble

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Circuit breaker contacts are prone to problems like carbon deposits because of the arcs formed when the contacts break. There are also times that when the arc is too intense, the contacts weld together. This can be very dangerous because if the current in the electrical line fluctuates to dangerous levels, the circuit breaker may not trip and cause the electrical system to fail.

circuit breaker test set can effectively test protective devices by measuring the timing and motion of the mechanism. It simulates electrical system conditions and determines if the circuit breaker will respond properly.

The Doble TDR9000 or the Doble TDR9100 Circuit Breaker Test Systems provide accurate and efficient testing of dynamic timing and mechanism motion of circuit breakers.

Doble_tdr9000An advanced circuit breaker tester, the Doble TDR9000 conducts 8 breaks per phase and has a modular design for easy customization. It also has an interference filter to suppress noise that might affect the test results, and itsTRX software allows for easy analysis of results and generation of reports. Features include:

Can perform 8 breaks per phase and can measure motion

  •  EHV contact timing module allows you to measure the open/close times of the insertion resistor and main contacts with up to 100 μs resolution
  • Tests all types of circuit breakers
  •  Field-portable, modular design
  •  High accuracy motion recording
  • Can accurately detect resistor switch timing and main contact errors
  • Built-in interference filter for accurate results in noisy environments
  • Easy to use TRX Software
  • 1MΩ resolution
  •  Can conduct self-diagnostics
  • Measures all essential circuit breaker parameters
  • Optional thermal printer


Doble_TDR9100The Doble TDR9100 is an easy-to-use, circuit breaker test system for accurate performance measurements with the added flexibility to double or triple your useable channels, and numerous benefits that include:

  •  Verify the control circuit
  •  Check motion of the moving parts
  • Validate time of operation
  • Pinpoint root causes of problems
  • Assess circuit breaker overall capability
  • Fulfill compliance testing requirements
  • Demonstrate results of maintenance

Doble is one brand you can count on, and Protec offers for rent, lease or purchase, all the electrical testing equipment you need to get the job done.


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