Circuit Breaker Test Set

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Circuit breakers, known to be the safety regulators of electrical systems and maintenance processes, are vital in keeping up with the efficiency of electrical equipment. Circuit Breaker test set equipment come in different models which suit different electrical applications like injection testing of molded case and open frame circuit breakers.  The test set is appropriate for a diverse set of testing requirements such as low-voltage power and molded-case circuit breakers.

circuit Breaker test set is also used to examine magnetic, solid-state or thermal motor overload relays and other current protective equipment.  An overload or fault condition of electrical equipment is simulated before a test is performed.  

Prior to testing any relay on electrical equipment, it is advisable that you make yourself acquainted with the relays and circuits that are included in the test.  If you are to examine relays on older installations where test blocks are not present, the current transformer circuits should be in short-circuit prior to the relay current circuit being opened.

A complete set of circuit breaker equipment is essential to various electrical applications. Protec offers different equipment for most electrical work. Test equipment rental is available if you don’t want to purchase an equipment. Contact Protec today and learn more about the available equipment you can get.