Choosing an Oil Dielectric Megger Meter

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Dielectric oil is often used in transformers, capacitors, high voltage switches and circuit breakers as an insulator and a heatsink. It is important to keep the oil free from impurities to ensure reliable operation of the electrical component. Accumulation of acids, moisture or organic debris on the dielectric oil can lower the breakdown voltage, allowing current to flow through it. This can cause serious problems to the electrical component and may lead to eventual failure.

To help you assess the condition of dielectric oil in electrical components, consider getting an Oil Dielectric Test Set. This device allows you to determine if the breakdown voltage is still within the acceptable range or if the oil needs replacement. Below are some of the trusted devices when it comes to oil dielectric testing.

Megger OTS-60SX 60 kV Oil Dielectric Test Set

The OTS-60SX is a semiautomatic device that lets you set the voltage rise rates depending on the test standard you want to conduct. It is portable and can be powered using a wide range of mains supply. The device also has a pause function so you can carry out a withstand test.


  •        Semi automatic operation
  •        Simple to use and lightweight
  •        Easy to read LED display
  •        Microprocessor controlled
  •        60 kV output
  •        Selectable 500, 2000 and 3000 Volts rise rate
  •        Hold function with a 1 minute timer for withstand test
  •        Has test cells for ASTM D1816, IEC 156 and ASTM D877 testing
  •        Accessories

o   Cylindrical and mushroom electrodes

o   Spacing gauge

o   Test vessel

o   Power cord

o   User manual

Megger OTS-60PB 60 kV Oil Dielectric Test Set

The OTS-60PB is a fully automatic Megger meter that offers advanced features for testing dielectric oil. It has an oil test vessel where the sample oil is placed and the oil tester performs a series of tests according to various oil testing standards. It is battery powered and portable, making it suitable for on site field testing.


  •        Microprocessor controlled allowing fully automated tests
  •        Optional printer kit for producing a hard copy of test results
  •        Backlit colored LCD screen
  •        Multi language support
  •        Trip detection circuit
  •        60 kiloVolts output voltage at 1 kV resolution
  •        RS232 serial port for PC communications
  •        Configurable fail/pass parameters
  •        <10 μs switch off time
  •        Accessories

o   User manual

o   Mushroom and cylindrical electrodes

o   Carrying case

o   Printer lead and power cord

o   Oil vessels

o   Battery charger

o   Electrode spacing gauge

Protec offers a wide selection of Megger test equipment to suit your needs. Choose to rent, lease or buy equipment depending on your budget and needs. Please feel free to call a representative today at 1-866-352-5550 for a quote.