Choosing a Suitable Tester for Power Quality Analysis

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Bandpass filters are often used to prevent electrical noise from affecting the operation of equipment. Too much noise not only makes equipment unstable, it also causes severe power losses in a system. There are several methods of suppressing electrical noise due to poor power quality. However, it is important to assess first the amount and types of noise present to effectively determine how to suppress it.

Engineers use power line analyzers to break down the types of noise present in the electrical line. The information gathered is then used to plan the compensation method. Testers from Hioki Power Diagnostics and Dranetz are some of the popular analyzers often used. What separates them from other testers is their portability and advanced testing options. If you plan to invest in
power quality analyzers, consider checking out models from these brands. 

If you want to determine what model suits you best, consider renting first from Protec Equipment Resources. This allows you to evaluate the features and gives you an idea on what to expect. You can then compare models side by side and choose the best one for your needs. Call us at 1-866-352-5550 if you have any queries about our services.