Choosing a Suitable Secondary Injection Test Set For Protective Device Testing

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Secondary injection is primarily used for maintenance checks of circuit breakers and protective relays. This to ensure that the  device will trip on overloaded conditions. 

There are several brands that offer different models of test sets and choosing the right one can be confusing. To help you decide what test equipment to get, you should know the rating and the kind of circuit breakers you use in your electrical facilities. This will help you select a test set with the right output test voltage and features. Getting something that has too much features you won’t use will only be a waste of investment. 

Some of the popular test sets used by technicians are the Cutler-Hammer 123C50G05, ABB 504 and the ABB 606 secondary injection test set. These testers have features that are suitable for most circuit breaker testing applications. They also have safety features to protect the user from accidents. If you are undecided on what model to get, test equipment rental can help. This allows you to evaluate the features and compare different models without spending too much.

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