Choosing a Suitable DLRO

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The most reliable way to measure DC resistance in electric devices, welded joints, cable joints, and breaker contacts is to by using  digital low resistance Ohmmeter. It uses a very high current to measure very low resistances not usually measurable by ordinary Ohmmeters.

If you are thinking about investing in a digital low resistance Ohmmeter, you can choose from a wide range of models from different manufacturers. Most of the popular DLROs are manufactured by Megger, AEMC, Raytech and 
Vanguard test equipment. Each has its own unique features that help carry out low resistance measurements. When choosing a DLRO, get one that has many safety features like over voltage, over current and ground fault protection. It should also be sturdy enough to tolerate rough operation. This ensures that your investment will serve you several years of reliable testing. If you will use your tester in common applications like metalwork and circuit breaker testing, opt for a model with a 10 Ampere output. This will be sufficient in most cases of low resistance measurement. However, for heavy and industrial applications, you might want to get a 100 Ampere model.

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