Choosing a Suitable Circuit Breaker Test Set

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Protective devices like circuit breakers are mission-critical components that need to be tested regularly. Your electrical facility can get damaged if a faulty circuit interrupter fails to trip the current on overloaded situations. Having the right test tools ensures your circuit breakers and other electrical equipment are in good working condition. You do not want to compromise the safety of your facility because of low quality test instruments.

A circuit breaker test is used to check safety devices like circuit breakers and protective relays. It usually conducts a primary or secondary injection test on the device. Most engineers prefer to do a secondary injection test because the tested component is deenergized during diagnostics. This reduces the risk of interrupting large currents which can degrade the contacts of the protective devices. There are several test sets available on the market. Most models offer extended features to help enhance testing. However, do not get a test instrument with features that you do not really need. It is wise to choose a 
circuit breaker test set that fits your budget and needs.

Before buying your testing equipment like a secondary injection test set, you can rent one first to make sure you are getting the right equipment. This also helps you decide if the features meets your testing requirements. Protec offers several test equipment for rent from various manufacturers.