Choosing a Secondary Injection Test Set That Meets Your Needs

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Maintaining circuit breakers is very important because they play a crucial role in keeping electrical devices safe. Circuit breaker contacts can corrode after a while of operation. This can be very dangerous since it is the job of a circuit breaker to interrupt power when the power line is overloaded.

A secondary injection test is commonly conducted in protective devices. A trip signal is injected into the tested device and monitored for any problems in mechanism. This test is safer on the device because the power interrupter is disconnected from the power line. This means it doesn’t have to break large currents which can induce kickback voltages that can damage it or the 
circuit breaker test set

When choosing for a suitable tester, it must have sufficient features to test the type of protective devices you have. Getting a low power secondary injection test set for a high powered device can give you false results. You should also get a model that has several safety features to protect you and the tester from harm. If you want to evaluate different models, you might want to consider renting first. This will help you decide what gives the best deal for your money.

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