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Choosing a Megger DLRO that Best Fits Your Needs

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A MicroOhmmeter is an important tool used in several applications like in electrical diagnostics, metal works and battery testing. This tool allows you to measure very low resistance that cannot be measured by ordinary Ohmmeters. If you need a DLRO, consider reading these articles to help you decide what suits you best.

Low Resistance Measurement with the 10A Megger DLRO talks about the features of a 10 Ampere MicroOhmeter. This tool has been the workhorse in low resistance measurement in electrical systems because of its reliability and accuracy.

The 247001 Meter, A Compact and Accurate Megger DLRO discusses the 247001 and its application in different industries.

Measure Low Resistances Safely and Accurately with the MOM2 Megger DLRO
 talks about the advanced and portable MicroOhmmeter. This tool has a very high current output but only uses batteries. Its high tech design makes it a preferred tool by most technicians working on field installations.

These articles allow you to understand the features of each microOhmmeter. However, if you want a comprehensive comparison of these tools, consider renting them from Protec Equipment Resources. Renting lets you use the tools and evaluate their features first-hand. Contact a Protec equipment expert today for a rental estimate.