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Choose Megger Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter for High Power Testing

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Megger test equipment offers a wide variety of instruments to satisfy a multitude of testing functions. But with all the countless testing uses this equipment provides, there’s nothing quite more well-known than the Megger digital low resistance ohmmeter.

These vital tools provide measurements of joined conductors and help users identify any resistance within the metal joints. Typically, gaps found within the conductor joints fill with contaminants such as grease, dirt and moisture. This “gunk” introduces high resistance and subject electrical systems to failure in the contacts of circuit breakers and terminals of transformers as well as relay and switch gear apparatus.

Megger DLROs such as the MOM2 or 10HD offer accurate test results within compact units designed for their portability. Especially important is that these ohmmeters bring lots of power to tests to deliver results quickly and safely. The MOM2 meter delivers 200 amps of test current on a battery pack due to its low internal capacitance. Most of the sophisticated instruments created by Megger also allow connection with a personal computer for download and analysis of testing results.

Allow our support specialists to assist you with choosing the right ohmmeter for your project. Contact us today via our web form to obtain a rental quote on our fine selection of test and measurement equipment.