Check Out the Power with Megger Battery Test Equipment

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When it comes to Megger battery test equipment, it can sometimes be confusing about which system to choose for your particular application especially with so many options out there. Often, once a particular model has been selected, technicians have a general idea of how to use the equipment but may also need a little refresher to know exactly how to effectively use and get the most out of the system.

conducting battery impedance tests, you may want to consider Megger test equipment for your testing process. The Megger BITE2P measures lead acid and NiCad battery cells up to 7000 Amp hours. Its advanced features determine battery condition through a simple pass/fail measurement based on user’s own input values. Because testing is conducted online using the integrated database management software, there is no downtime required so your batteries can stay running during the testing procedure. When documentation is needed, the unit features a built in thermal printer for immediate results.

We are here to help you with choosing the right equipment for your project. We have the Megger BITE2P and other test equipment in inventory for short or long term rental. Our friendly staff is also available on our 24 live support line to provide additional information and technical support on any of the equipment you rent from us right when you need it. Give us a call at 866.352.5550.