Check Insulation with Megger Test Equipment

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When you need to verify wires or cables, Megger test equipment is by far one of the best choices in diagnostic insulation testing today. Insulation tests help users know whether short circuits or faults exist in cable insulation. Techicians often perform a “Megger test” to check that there is no leakage or defects in the wire.

Because insulators take a beating during operation they often deteriorate from stress and the elements. Performing routine testing on these vital systems allows techs and companies to find defects early and avoid costly repairs or shutdowns. Good insulation can properly resist high current; while defective or failing insulation will carry moisture or dirt that can lower its ability to perform.

We offer three Megger meter models to perform insulation resistance testing for your next project:

  •        Megger MIT525 – one of this brand’s newest insulation testers, it is designed to improve user functionality and transport. Tests up to 5 kV.
  •        Megger MIT1025 – also part of Megger’s newest line up of insulation testing equipment, this tester handles testing up to 10 kV.
  •        Megger S1-554 – this 5 kV model offers an expanded measurement range of up to 15 TΩ.

Contact us today to learn more about adding these instruments to your project. Our 24 hour support line staff is ready to assist you with selecting the right equipment today (866) 352-5550.