Winding Resistance


Transformer Winding Resistance Measurement with Raytech Winding Resistance Meters

Raytech WR50-12 Two Channel Winding Resistance Test SetTransformer winding resistance can help you determine the condition of transformers. When a transformer develops defects like coil to core or coil to coil shorts, opens and corroded connectors, the resistance of the windings change. It is a good idea to regularly test transformer components because a defect can cause severe power losses, electrical instability and eventual failure.

Rent the Megger MWA330A 3-Phase TTR, Winding Resistance Analyzer

Megger MWA330A 3-Phase Transformer Turns Ratio and Winding Resistance AnalyzerThe Megger MWA330A 3-Phase Transformer Turns Ratio and Winding Resistance Analyzer is an advanced 3-phase transformer test system that provides complete ratio, phase and winding resistance measurements with only one 3-phase lead-set connection.

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Once connected, the Megger MWA330A performs DC resistance measurements on all high- and low-side windings without reconnection. It has an 8-terminal/6-winding resistance measurement capability and doesn’t need any inter-connected boxes, allowing for testing on all 6 windings without having to disconnect and reconnect leads.

Rent the Raytech WR14 to Test Transformers, Rotating Machine Windings

Raytech WR14 15 Amp Winding Resistance MeterWhen it comes to testing transformers and rotating machine windings, the Raytech WR14 15 Amp Winding Resistance Meter performs low-current resistance measurements on connections, contacts and control circuits.

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The WR14 is a battery or line-operated, field-portable instrument designed specifically to securely and precisely measure the DC resistance of all types of magnetic windings.

To Test Delta or Wye Transformers Consider Renting a Vanguard TRM-403

 Vanguard TRM-403 Transformer Resistance Meter Transformer configuration designations like “Delta” and “Wye” originate from the way the windings are connected inside the transformer. These connections determine the way the transformer will perform, and they also determine the methods of calculation required for properly applying a given transformer.

Measure Connections, Contacts and Control Circuits with the Raytech WR14

Prior to modern digital electronic equipment, the Kelvin Bridge was used to measure winding resistance. Batteries, switches, galvanometers, ammeters and slidewire adjustments were used to obtain resistance measurements. With modern microprocessor based test equipment testing times have been greatly reduced. Direct readings are available from digital meters with automatic indications telling when a good measurement is available.