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Life of a Transformer Can Be Lengthy If Appropriately Maintained

Doble M4000 M4100 Power Factor Insulation AnalyzerTransformers play a critical role in the electrical power system. Their primary purpose is to provide electricity at voltages levels that are appropriate for a specific application.  In some cases, the application will be for the transmission or distribution of electricity, and will ultimately lead to providing electrical service at a useable levels for the end user.

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Perform Precision Measurements With Raytech TR-Spy TTRs

The Raytech TR-Spy family of TTRs have quickly become recognized as the World’s most advanced Three Phase Transformer Ratiometers.

Raytech TR-Spy Mark IIA rugged, lightweight instrument that automatically measures Turns Ratio, Voltage Ratio, Excitation Current, Phase Relationship, and Phase Displacement, the Raytech TR-SPY Mark II Three Phase TTR (Transformer Turns Ratio) is a fully automatic instrument that can perform precision laboratory measurements, as well as function extremely well in the field for routine maintenance testing.

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The Importance of Transformer Testing

Megger TTR310 Three-Phase Transformer Turns Ratio Test SetTransformers play an important role in the power system. They help convert power to appropriate levels which other components can safely use. They are often in operation for a long time and only stop working during power interruptions and maintenance. Due to the stress they take, it is important to regularly assess their functions to ensure continuous service.

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