Square D

Micrologic, NT and STR Trip Units Reliably Tested with Square D S33595

Square D by Schneider S33595 Secondary Injection Test SetWhen it’s necessary to test circuit breakers and protective relay systems, a secondary injection test set is the main piece of electrical test equipment companies utilize. Secondary injection testing differs from the standard primary injection testing method in that there is no current flowing and contacts remain closed during the testing process.

Run Secondary Injection Tests on Trip Units with the Square D S33595

SquareD_S33595The most typical protective devices installed are overload, over current, reverse power, earth fault, differential proportion etc. Injection tests are carried out to check the operation of these protective relays and the breakers. There are two types of injection tests that are normally conducted – primary injection test and secondary injection test. Primary injection test is conducted by injecting the current that is required for the operation of the protective device power through a circuit breaker. The secondary injection test, on the other hand, is conducted when the circuit breaker, though closed is not carrying any current through the main poles.