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Secondary Injection Test

Alleviate Expensive Downtime with the Eaton Cutler Hammer 140D481G03 Secondary Injection Test Set

Defective circuit breakers can allow extensive damage, personnel injury, or make an outage more widespread when a fault occurs. They can also trip when they shouldn’t causing expensive downtime.

There is no way to know if a circuit breaker will operate properly under fault or overload conditions unless it is tested.

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Square D S33595 Secondary Injection Test Set Designed to Perform

In secondary injection tests, the protective relay is first disconnected from its normal voltage or current terminal, and is connected to a secondary injection test unit that is capable of injecting as well as recording the operating signal. This signal is fed directly into the protective device or relay to cause the subsequent operation of the circuit breaker.

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Square D S33595 for Full Function Secondary Injection Testing

Protective devices such as relays, overload coils and circuit breakers must be checked on installation and at regular intervals while in service to ensure that they are always ready to operate correctly if a fault should occur in the equipment that they are protecting. Routine testing will quickly detect faulty or incorrectly adjusted protection devices, and possibly prevent serious damage to equipment and injury to personnel.

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Buy or Rent Secondary Injection Test Kit

Square D by Schneider S33595 Secondary Injection Test SetWhy are injection tests used?

To check the operation of protective relays such as overload, over current, reverse power etc., injection tests are carried out. Basically injection tests are of two types – primary and secondary injection tests. There is a very minor difference between these two tests. While primary injection tests are performed when the circuit is operating, secondary injection tests are conducted when the circuit is not carrying any current. Secondary Injection tests are usually preferred over the former.

How is a secondary injection test performed?

First of all, protective relays are disconnected from normal voltage or current source. The relays are then connected to special testing equipment called a secondary injection test kit. These secondary injection test kits inject the operating signal into the protective relay so that it starts working and is also capable of recording it for further analysis.

Buy secondary injection test kits

For proper conduction of injection test, you need the best equipment available, as faulty equipment may harm your devices.  Protec is a the leading electrical test equipment rental and retail supplier. We stock secondary injection test kits from all major manufacturers and you can easily rent or buy any electrical test equipment from us.

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Multi Utility Secondary Injection Kit

Testing of electrical equipment is highly important because regular testing helps an electrician detect small faults or errors. Such faults, if not repaired at the initial stage by the technician, can cause serious damage to the overall electrical supply facility. And that is why most experts take help of a secondary injection test sets

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