Secondary Injection Test

Merlin Gerin ME Secondary Injection Test Set

Merlin Gerin ME Test Kit Secondary Injection Test SetWith the critical role of circuit breakers, it is very important to periodically verify that they are performing as designed and intended. Numerous electrical circuits can potentially be compromised if a circuit breaker fails to trip when fault conditions occur. As with any new product, we expect it to work properly right straight out of the box. The unfortunate truth is that this isn’t always the case.  The same is true about circuit breakers.

Power Sensor Trip Unit Testing with the GE PST1-1 Secondary Injection Test Kit

General Electric PST1-1 Secondary Injection Test SetA secondary injection test is a method of verifying the electrical operational characteristics of a circuit breaker. While not specifically addressing components in the primary current path of a circuit breaker, secondary injection testing is used to verify operational settings and characteristics in the decision making portion of the circuit breaker (solid state trip device).  This type of electrical operational testing can be conducted without the need for large, high powered primary injection test equipment. Since this method of testing only uses low level signals that the trip device would normally see from current sensor secondaries, it can also be less time consuming and generally safer than performing primary injection testing.

Multi Relay Type Testing with the ISA-T1000 Secondary Injection Test Set

ISA T-1000 Single Phase Relay Test SetIf you maintain a power facility that has several kinds of protective relays, wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool that can test most types of relays found in your system? This lets you save storage space and money on additional test equipment. If you are looking for a dependable relay tester, you might want to check out the ISA T-1000.

Merlin Gerin Secondary Injection Test Set

Merlin Gerin 685836A Secondary Injection Test SetMany circuit breakers are tested by use of secondary injection test equipment applied to the breaker’s trip unit. These specialty test sets check the trip function of the circuit breaker — in other words, whether the electronics in the breaker are functioning properly. When you have work requirements that involve testing and maintaining Merlin Gerin circuit breakers, the Merlin Gerin Secondary Injection Test Set is ideal for verifying the proper operation of the trip circuitry. Merlin Gerin is only one of several well-known brands in the Protec stable of test equipment rental.